Wrist/Hand Pain


Bone spurs, also known as osteophytes, are small bony projections that can form along the edges of bones, including those

Hello, my seasoned friends! As we gracefully age, our bodies might throw us some curveballs, and wrist bursitis can be

We've all been there - one minute, you're minding your own business, walking around the house or enjoying a stroll

Joint pain can be a real hassle, especially when it comes to wrist instability. It's like having an unwelcome guest

Have you been noticing a nagging pain in your thumb? It seems to be hurting whenever you use your thumb or

If you have pain in your wrist, or even carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), do you know it can actually be

Wrist pain can make it difficult to enjoy activities you once loved. If you’ve noticed pain in your wrist and

It’s getting harder and harder to avoid technology and we are spending more time typing, using a mouse, and scrolling


Did you know that one of the most important ways you can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome is by having an


As we get older, our wrists might feel weaker. This can make daily tasks harder. Our wrists are important because

Many of us do tasks every day that need lots of wrist action, like typing or lifting things. Doing this

Our wrists help us do many things every day, like picking up objects, writing, or using a computer. But sometimes,

The wrist is a key part of our arm. It helps us do things like grab items, write, or even

You've just spent hours creating your masterpiece on the piano or typing out the family newsletter, and your wrist begins

Hey there! Are your hands giving you a hard time, causing pain and numbness, and making everyday tasks feel like

A strong grip helps make life easier and leaves a good impression with a firm handshake. But, grip strength usually

Ah, finger sprains – the bane of our existence! They always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times, don't

Hey there, my seasoned yet fabulous friend! Are your hands giving you trouble due to osteoarthritis? You may be over

Hey there, my friend! Have you been feeling a bit sore and stiff in the wrist lately? Don't worry; it

Greetings, My Friends! Are you finding it a bit challenging to open jars, grip objects, or even give a firm

Radial tunnel syndrome can be a real pain in the arm for seniors but don't worry, and there are ways


We’re relaxed when we sleep, right? Then why is it that we often wake up with stiff neck in the

Do you sometimes feel like the genie from Aladdin after he emerges from the lamp and yells “ten thousand years


Wrist pain can make it difficult to enjoy activities you once loved. If you’ve noticed pain in your wrist and