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knee pain chart location

Knee Pain Location Chart

Have you ever experienced random knee pain and can’t quite figure out what it is? Maybe you tweaked it running that extra half mile… Could

Feel Good Life's Review Process

At Feel Good Life, we pride ourselves in the highest quality, natural joint relief methods backed by scientific research and field-tested by Doctors of Physical Therapy, PTAs, PAs and other category experts. Every recommendation we present has been researched and reviewed to ensure you learn the most up-to-date, credible information possible. 

Phase 1: Peer-Reviewed Research

Our team of medical research experts make sure our joint health recommendations are backed by scientific, peer-reviewed research.

Phase 2: Category Expert Review

Field experts including doctors of PT, PTA, and PAs and other category experts, review before publication to ensure every article meets “best practice” guidance being used in clinics today.

Phase 3: High Quality Publication

We then publish our joint health teachings in a way that anyone can understand them, without a medical background, so you can actually understand them and try for yourself.