Knee Pain


Are you a senior who loves to hit the pavement or the trails for a good run? Great news! According

Knee pain is a typical problem that can significantly impact your quality of life, especially as you age. Various factors,

A hyperextended knee happens when the knee bends backwards beyond its normal range of motion. Some are born with naturally hyperextended

While climbing stairs is a very normal activity, it's one that can unfortunately lead to knee pain all too often.

A sprained knee can be quite a challenge to recover from if the appropriate steps aren't taken in a timely

We don't often think about sciatic nerve pain and knee pain together. Knee pain seems like it would be caused

There are some varying opinions about activities that should be avoided immediately after a total knee replacement. While general guidelines have

The knee is a complex joint with many structures that work together to provide stability and mobility. It consists of

We’ve all read articles on tips for falling asleep and getting better sleep at night. Those lists often cover stopping

Do you suffer from pain in the back of the knee? One of the most common culprits is the popliteus

While joint pain may feel the same at the moment, the causes (and treatment options) can sometimes be wildly different.

When dealing with knee pain, it can be unclear where the pain is stemming from. But by identifying if you


Ah, arthritis. It's like that uninvited guest who overstays their welcome at the party, causing aches and pains wherever they

Running is an excellent form of exercise that helps keep our seasoned athletes active and healthy. However, one common issue

Are you someone who's experienced in life and loves to stay active and fit, but knee pain keeps getting in

The world of knee support can be confusing, with various options available to help you stay active and pain-free. Among

Knee compression sleeves can be a lifesaver for folks dealing with knee pain or instability. But let's face it, and

Knee pain can be a frustrating obstacle for many, including seniors. Thankfully, there's a solution that can help you stay

Looking for a way to prevent knee pain and swelling?  Knee compression sleeves are an effective way to reduce the

Looking for a low impact option to strengthen your knee muscles while reducing pain and inflammation? Then the best course


Oh, dear knees! Have they been aching lately, hindering your smooth moves on the dance floor or your strolls through

Our knees are undeniably among the most hardworking joints in our bodies. They bend, twist, and carry our weight through

Do you know that funny popping sound your knee makes when you move it? Well, that's what we call knee-cracking.

Ah, the knee. It's the largest and one of the most complex joints in our bodies, but let's face it,

The knee joint is really important for our body because it supports our weight and helps us move. But sometimes

Your knees are like the foundation of your house. Without a strong and stable foundation, the whole structure is at

Are you over 50 and feeling the aches and pains in your knees? Don't let bad knee pain hold you

Why is it important to strengthen the knees? The knees are a very important area that gives us support and allows

Feeling like a creaky old door every time you try to stand up from the couch? Don't let annoying knee

If you’ve ever had a nagging pain on the top of your knee, it could be quadriceps tendonitis! Quadriceps tendonitis is

Snap, crackle, pop! It’s pretty safe to say most of us have heard these noises coming from our knees at one

Have you ever heard of the phrase "Going weak in the knees?" While this catch phrase may normally have a deeper


Having a basic understanding of knee anatomy can be extremely beneficial. The human body is very complex, including the knee which

Have you ever experienced random knee pain and can't quite figure out what it is? Maybe you tweaked it running that

Have you ever experienced knee pain when sitting for a while? This can be incredibly uncomfortable! The worst part is that you

Inner knee pain after running can be a real bother and disrupt the flow of your running routine. What could be

The ligaments in our knees are meant to provide support and stability to the joint. When one or more of

While quadriceps tendon tears are not the most common, when they do occur, they can have devastating effects. It's helpful to

Tendonitis is an overuse injury that causes irritation and inflammation in the structure of a tendon. The overuse is normally

ACL injuries are one of the most common knee injuries that are all too commonly heard about. They're known for

A pulled hamstring can be frustrating. Trying to play golf? Pain. Trying to swim? Pain. Trying to just walk?? Pain. How

A meniscus tear is a common knee injury, and it's one of a variety of reasons why people can suffer

Many people suffer from patellofemoral pain syndrome but don't know what it is or how to get rid of it.

Sometimes there is nothing better than sinking into your couch at the end of the day; however, if you have


There are four simple kneecap stretches to help loosen up your knee joint. You don't need to be a Yoga

Knee stretches are an important part of every knee rehab plan. But static knee stretches aren’t always enough to get

This morning, over 100 million Americans had some knee discomfort and woke up with knee pain. It’s the most common