Shoulder Pain


Hey there, my friend! Do you have pain in the neck? Literally? Does your arm feel heavy or tingly? You

Having shoulder pain that just won’t go away?  It’s very frustrating! Shoulder pain can come on for many reasons, but the big

Do you ever get clicking or popping sounds in the shoulder? Even if it's not painful, when this sound occurs

Latarjet procedure probably sounds like a made-up name... but it is a real orthopedic surgical procedure to treat shoulder instability

In order to have good shoulder movement, we must also have good scapular, or shoulder blade, mobility. When the right

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint. Together, they work to stabilize

Has your doctor ever recommended you change sleeping positions because of shoulder pain? “Just sleep on your other side” he expertly

How to release a pinched nerve in the shoulder: It doesn't take long to alleviate the radiating numbness that often

All too often we hear of these so-called “overuse” injuries preventing us from living our fullest lives. But there are



The shoulder is a joint that moves a lot, helping us with things like lifting, pushing, and reaching out. We

Ever had that pesky shoulder pain while reaching for something high up on a shelf or even when trying to

Hey there, fellow shoulder buddies! Let's talk about something that might not have crossed your mind but plays a crucial

Ah, the joys of aging. As we gracefully embrace our golden years, we may find ourselves reminiscing about the times

Ah, the golden years! The perfect time for relaxation, seeing the world, and making memories with our loved ones. But

Resistance bands are stretchy bands that can help older adults keep their shoulders strong and mobile without using heavy weights

Are you tired of slouching like a wilted flower or feeling like you're carrying the weight of the world on

Are you tired of feeling like a rusty hinge whenever you try to reach for something on the top shelf?

As we age, it's important to maintain strength and flexibility in our shoulders to improve posture and reduce the risk

Have you ever wondered what the best exercise for shoulder tendonitis is? There are actually quite a few to consider! Having the

Try these rotator cuff injury exercises while laying on the couch during your next commercial break. The muscles that support



We’re relaxed when we sleep, right? Then why is it that we often wake up with stiff neck in the

Do you sometimes feel like the genie from Aladdin after he emerges from the lamp and yells “ten thousand years