Feel Good Energy with Coach ToddVitality Stretchercises

Rising Hands / Falling Hands

Departing Hands / Returning Hands

Push the Clouds

Bring Down the Heavens

Carrying the Spinning Earth

Fountain of Life

Push the Wall

Lift the Tree / Drop the Tree

Twisting Balloon

Push the Ocean / Pull the Ocean

Spiraling Tornado

Lift the Earth / Pull the Sky

Dynamic Isometrics

Wide Squeezing Earth

Wide Crashing Ceiling

Double Ball Squeezes

Lift the House

Pinching the Earth

Wide X’s

Ball Squeezes

Close the Grand Canyon

Ripping the Earth

Condensing the Body

Push the Boulder

Stop the Walls

Squeeze the Earth

High Prayer Squeezes

Belly Squeezes

Lift the Boulder

Separating the Earth

Y Pose

Chambered Squeezes

Hug the Tree

Coiled Spring

Crashing Ceiling

Prayer Squeezing

Embrace the Hurricane

Cool Downs

Full Body X’s

Full Body Slashing

Full Body Release

Full Body Drops

Full Body Twisting

Full Body Shaking

Power Posture

Full Embrace