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Conor O' Shea, BSc, CPT


About Conor O' Shea, BSc, CPT

Conor O’ Shea is an Irish mobility and rehab coach with over 11 years of coaching experience. He specializes in helping guys over 30 get strong, lean, and pain-free without wasting hours at the gym each week. Conor loves free diving, traveling, and coffee when he’s not coaching.

I specialize in guys in their 30s improving their mobility and dropping body fat using sustainable lifestyle habits.

After spending my childhood playing Gaelic games, I found myself in my 20s with a stiff, sore, and broken body. I studied sport and exercise science at university and have spent the last 11 years coaching clients in person and online.

I knew something was wrong when I was repeatedly limping into work in my mid-20s. I had recurring plantar fasciitis, and I felt old and creaky. Whenever I got some consistency under my belt, something would break…again.

I needed to make a change and decided to travel for a few years in my mid-20s. I studied yoga in India and taught Hatha Yoga in Khon Kaen, Thailand, for 1.5 years. This was the start of my transformation, and over the course of this two-year period, my body opened up.

I felt freedom in my hips that I never had before. I could sit pain-free for hours on the ground and started to feel strong and mobile in my body. When I moved to Melbourne in 2015, I wanted to find a system to help tie my sports science background with yoga, and I found GMB Fitness.

Using their methods, I felt at my strongest in what I like to call transferable strength. In the past, I had “gym” strength and could pull twice my body weight in a deadlift, but I found simple tasks like moving a couch would cause a silly injury.

Now I felt bulletproof. My injuries were no longer the main part of my training. I could move pain-free and with ease. My work and life outside of work were no longer occupied with worry about not being able to work and train as I wanted to.

My favorite part of coaching is seeing a client come to me broken and feeling lost and frustrated to evolve into their best self.

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