Todd Kuslikis

Todd Kuslikis

Knee Pain Specialist and Injury Prevention Expert

Best way to treat an injury? Think positive!

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A lot of my readers have joined the Feel Good Life family because of a recent on ongoing injury.

And while there are a lot of exercises, stretches and movements you can do to treat it… you may be overlooking one of the most important tools…

The power of positive thinking!

It’s true 🙂

Did you know that many physical and sports therapists say that simply believing your injury will heal can make a significant difference in the recovery process?

You see, when we experience an injury, our brains are still processing how it occurred. And the protective part of your brain “creates an intense emotional response — anxiety or fear,” says sports psychologist Robert Andrews.

Don’t worry, though, because you can teach your brain to process the injury related stress or fear, according to Andrews. These powerful techniques can help you recover faster and get you back up to speed.

A 1991 study found that people who healed much faster from their injuries did a few things differently than those who healed slower, including:

  • Took personal responsibility for healing
  • Had high desire and determination
  • Had more social support
  • Maintained a positive attitude

Remember, positivity is ALWAYS a good thing. So even though you may have a nagging injury that you think will never go away, there’s always hope. So keep your head up, stay focused and happy, and have a Feel Good Life.


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