4 Strength Exercises Older Adults Should Do Every Morning

4 Strength Exercises Older Adults Should Do Every Morning | Feel Good Life with Coach Todd

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Many of us know the benefits of daily strength exercise… especially exercises for over 50-year-olds, but it can be intimidating to start a new routine. 

How do we know which one is right for us? And how can we feel confident performing each movement on a daily basis?

This article is here to provide just that — a simple 4-part strength training regimen that can be done every morning right from home! 

Why Does Strength Exercise in the Morning Matter?

Following these morning exercises for older adults can provide a myriad of benefits.

Mornings set the tone for every hour of the day that follows. By starting your day with a positive activity — either physically, mentally, or emotionally — you can set yourself up for a great day.

Strength Training first thing in the morning, specifically, can:

Build muscle more efficiently.

#1: Build Muscle More Efficiently

You need more testosterone in your body if you wish to build more muscle. And our testosterone reaches its peak just as we wake in the morning!

Burn more fat for good strength at you old age

#2: Burn More Fat

Exercising, in general, can help you burn fat. However, fat oxidation occurs naturally when you workout before breakfast. And after you finish your workout, you’ll still burn calories.

Sleep better at night

#3: Provide Better Sleep at Night

Exercise affects hormones and circadian rhythms, aka our body’s natural clock. Balance out those hormones and regulate your body’s clock by exercising in the morning.

Trigger healthier food choices

#4: Trigger Healthier Food Choices

An early morning workout sets the tone for a healthier day. One positive choice will lead to the next, and so on with every new choice.

Increase overall activity to increase strength

#5: Increase Overall Activity

According to a 2012 study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise Trusted Source, morning exercise is associated with more movement throughout the day.

Decrease Joint Pain

#6: Decrease Joint Pain

Waking up with stiff joints or joint pain is a common complaint. Although it may seem like the hardest time of day to get moving, working out in the morning can give you a more limber start to your day.  

4 Strength Training Exercises at Home That Only Takes 5 Minutes or Less

Follow along with this simple 4-part exercise routine as part of your morning ritual. This can be done by your bedside or in the living room before leaving the house — a quick set of movements to jump-start your day!

1. Sit to Stand

This subtle movement — that we do every day — helps to strengthen the glutes (butt muscles).

SIt to stand: sit position

Start by sitting on the edge of a chair or bed. Bring your feet in, so that your heels are under your knees.

sit to stand: stand position

Press the floor away, using your arms to help guide (but not push) your way up if needed.

Perform 10 times. 

2. Standing Hip Abduction

The legs are some of the largest muscle groups of the body, covering the front, back, and sides. By strengthening the lateral glues (sides of our legs), we can strengthen the connection from our frontside to our backside.

Standing hip abduction

Stand next to the back of a chair for balance, then slowly begin raising your leg out to the side as high as you can before returning.

Repeat 10 times before switching sides.

3. Wall Push-Up 

Strengthening the arms through push-ups also increases our core stability as we progress through the movement.

Increase strength with wall push at any age. Place your hand on wall.

Start on the wall, placing your hands shoulder-width in front of you. Step back until some weight is in your hands (progress this movement by stepping further back or finding a lower surface).

Wall pushup for seniors

Lower yourself slowly towards the wall until your chest touches the wall, keeping your shoulders, hips, and ankles all in a line. Push yourself back up until your arms are straight.

Perform 10 times.

4. Sideways Step-Ups

This versatile movement strengthens both the quads and hamstrings (front and back of the thigh) and is easier on the knees than forward step-ups. 

Sideway step-ups is a very good Strength Training Exercises that senior can do at home

Begin by standing in front of your steps (or sturdy step stool) and place your left foot on the bottom step.

Pressing most of your weight in that front foot, lift yourself up so your back foot is hovering off the ground. Slowly lower back down.

Repeat 10 times before switching sides. 

If, at any time, you experience pain (beyond just muscle discomfort) with any of these movements, take a break and check out some of my other articles on pain. 

There are several options you can choose from whether you are experiencing shoulder, knee, lower back, or hip pain.

Once your pain decreases, then come back to this routine. If you struggle with exercise because of knee discomfort, we highly recommend wearing a medical-grade knee compression sleeve.

This can help support your knees, eliminate joint inflammation and reduce knee pain while exercising. 

How Will You Know if You’re Making Improvements?

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  1. I do Pilates five to six days a week. They are usually only 10-30 minute routines. I occasionally do yoga on my off days or as an addition to a short Pilates day.

  2. Coach Todd, I really appreciate your care and compassion for us older folk in giving us exercises and tools for helping ourselves become healthier and stronger. Thank you so very much!

    1. You're so welcome! I also just started up a YouTube channel with lots of exercises. Be sure to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/c/feelgoodlife?sub_confirmation=1

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