5 Joint-Friendly Home Exercises for Stronger Shoulders

shoulder exercises

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As we age, it’s important to maintain strength and flexibility in our shoulders to improve posture and reduce the risk of injury. Joint-friendly home exercises can be a great option for older adults because they can be done without equipment and are easy to do at home. The following exercises are designed for anyone over 50 to help sculpt and tone the shoulders while providing a safe and effective workout.

1. Wall Push-ups

wall push up step 1
wall push up step 2
  • Stand facing a wall with your hands placed on the wall at shoulder level
  • Slowly bend your elbows while lowering your body towards the wall, keeping your core tight and elbows tight to your sides
  • Push up to the starting position. Then repeat for 10-15 reps.

2. Shoulder Rolls

shoulder roll step 1
shoulder roll step 2
shoulder roll step 3
  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and both arms by your sides
  • Slowly roll your shoulders forward in a circular motion, then backward, and keep your core tight
  • Repeat for 10-15 reps in each direction

3. Standing Deltoid Raise

Standing Deltoid Raise step 1
Standing Deltoid Raise step 2
  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and each arm by your side.
  • Slowly and controlled raise both arms out to the sides, keeping each elbow slightly bent and your palms facing down
  • Lower each arm back to the starting position and repeat for 10-15 reps. Keep your core tight
  • To make this exercise harder, use a light dumbbell

4. Seated rows

Seated rows step 1
Seated rows step 2
  • Sit on a chair or bench with a resistance band or towel.
  • Hold the band or towel with both hands, with your arms extended in front of you.
  • Pull the band or towel towards your chest, squeezing your shoulder blades together as you pull.
  • Release the band or towel and repeat for 10-15 reps.
  • Tighten your back, shoulders, and upper arms while performing the exercise to stay in good form.

5. Modified Plank with Shoulder Taps

Modified Plank with Shoulder Taps step 1
Modified Plank with Shoulder Taps step 2
  • Start in a plank position with each hand firmly on the ground, and keep your core tight
  • Keep your knees on the floor. 
  • Gently tap your right hand to your left shoulder, then return to the plank position.
  • Now tap your left hand on your right shoulder, then return to the plank position.
  • Repeat for 10-15 reps. Keep your core tight.


These joint-friendly home exercises are an excellent option for you if you’re looking to improve your shoulder strength and posture. Incorporating these exercises into your daily routine can help sculpt and tone your shoulders while improving overall health and well-being. As with any exercise routine, it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional before starting, listen to your body, and make adjustments as needed.

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