Ankle/Foot Pain


Ankle impingement syndrome occurs when ankle motion becomes limited and painful. This can occur either in the front (anterior) portion

Everyone is unique in the way their feet are shaped. Some tend to have flat feet, others tend to have

You have this nagging pain on the bottom of the heel that just won't go away... It started off barely

Have you ever had pain in the calf or back of the heel that won't go away? There's a good

Ankle injuries can be very frustrating! They really get in the way of pretty much any and all standing activities,

Foot supination is what occurs when the foot rolls to its outer edge. While this is actually a normal position

A pulled hamstring can be frustrating. Trying to play golf? Pain. Trying to swim? Pain. Trying to just walk?? Pain. How

Any pain can be frustrating, but there’s something extra annoying about plantar fasciitis. One of the main reasons is that

Something many of us have in common is the very annoying experience of rolling your ankle knows as Sprained Ankle.

Complete guide of exercises for Achilles Tendonitis. This unique 3-step process provides everything your tendons need to stay healthy and



Have you heard of the phrase going "weak in the knees?"... Well, you can go weak in the ankles too! Chronic

Healthy ankle mobility can be tough to obtain if your ankles are naturally tight or there is surrounding ankle weakness. What

Any and all of the muscles and tendons in the body are susceptible to experiencing a strain injury. A hamstring

Calf strain is one of the most common runner’s injuries. It happens when you overwork your calf muscles. They can

A hamstring strain can be painful and often prevents you from enjoying your favorite activities like a round of golf

Ankle injuries are more than just inconvenience; if not treated properly, they can lead to severe pain and surgery. That's